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Cast aluminum is a kind of casting technology, that the pure aluminum or aluminum alloy ingot is prepared according to the standard composition ratio, and heated to turn it into a liquid or molten aluminum alloy, and then pour the aluminum liquid or molten aluminum alloy into a professional mold or cavity and  cooled to form aluminum parts of the required shape.

The aluminum used in cast aluminum is called: cast aluminum alloy.

Commonly used aluminum casting technologies are: sand casting, metal mold casting, investment casting, pressure casting, lost foam casting, low pressure casting, differential pressure casting, squeeze casting, vacuum suction casting, centrifugal casting, precision casting, permanent mold casting, etc.

At present, our casting aluminum technology is Low Pressure Sand Casting. Our annual productivity is about 600tons.Our current casting aluminum products is as follows:

aluminum casting service (3)

Hydrodynamic couplings for coal mining equipment

aluminum casting service (5)

Pump impeller for coal minging equipment

aluminum casting service (6)

End cover for west-east natural gas transmission equipment

aluminum casting service (4)

Screw cover

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