Cast steel Flush joint reinforced concrete pipe mould pallet

Short Description:

The concrete pipe mold/mould bottom ring/bottom tray/bottom pallet, is a obligate spare parts while a reinforced concrete/cement pipe is being produced. It is used for supporting/lifting the reinforcement cage, the outside pipe mould, and all the concrete materials during producing a pipe, so the bottom ring/bottom tray/bottom pallets must be very strong enough and wear-resistant. After finishing a production of a pipe, the bottom pallets/bottom ring/bottom tray will still keep supporting the reinforced concrete/cement pipe till the pipe is completely cured, and then the pallets/ring/tray can be take down and will be reused in a next recycle.

The bottom ring/pallets/tray is made of cast steel, ductile iron, or is made of carbon steel sheet by punching process/stressing process/stamping process.

Our company is very skilled and experienced of manufacturing the concrete pipe mold pallets/bottom ring/bottom tray for more than 6 years. We have manufactured more than 7000pcs of the bottom pallets covering the size range from 300mm to 2100mm for our overseas customer.

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Product Description

The pallets is a obligate parts while producing a reinforced concrete/cement drainage pipe, it is placed at the bottom and inside a pipe mould for supporting the outside pipe mould and the reinforcement cage. It must be strong enough so that it can support tons of materials on it, so we produced it with special cast steel, it have the characteristic of higher strength, wear-resisting, no deformation, long life.

Product main technique data


Special cast steel

Cement pipe joint type:

Rubber ring joint

Dimension tolerance:


Pallets size range:

225mm to 2100mm

Working surface roughness:


Production technology:

Casting,annealing,welding, machining

Product unit weight:

7kgs to 400kgs

Product attribution:

Customized products according to customer’s drawings

The main production technology process

Drawings→ opening mold→ molding→ casting→ annealing→ rough machining→ welding→ finish machining→ packing

Packaging & Shipping


*Steel pallet for bearing the weight of pallets + slushing oil for anti-rust + steel wire rope for securing the package + plastic film for dust protection

*To be shipped by 20’OT container

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Payment & Delivery

* payment method: deposit by T/T, T/T

* delivery: usually within 3month to 7month depending order quantity


This pallets is used in the cement products industries, for producing reinforced concrete pipes. With the large quantity of pallets, your pipe making machine can produce a pipe very soon, almost a pipe can be produced every 2-3minutes.

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The pallets is under the production of a pipe

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A picture of the flush ring joint pipe produced with the FJ pallets

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