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Marine gearbox is the main propulsion transmission device of the ship power system. It has the functions of reversing, clutching, decelerating and bearing the thrust of the propeller. It is matched with the diesel engine to form the ship power system. It is widely used in various passenger and cargo ships, engineering ships, fishing vessels, and offshore And ocean-going ships, yachts, police boats, military ships, etc., are important key equipment in the shipbuilding industry.

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    There are various types of marine gearboxes. Common ones include reduction gearboxes, clutch reduction gearboxes, reverse and clutch reduction gearboxes, multi-speed gearboxes, multi-branch transmission gearboxes, multi-engine parallel car gearboxes, and diesel-fired combined power transmission Gear box, etc. According to the purpose, it can be divided into: ship main propulsion drive and auxiliary engine drive, ship operation machinery drive; according to working conditions, it can be divided into: light load high speed ship and medium and heavy load ship. In the form of transmission, there are fixed pitch transmission gearbox and variable pitch transmission gearbox; in the form of structure, there are parallel shaft transmission and angle transmission, with concentric, horizontal different centers, and vertical different centers.

    Marine gearboxes mainly include: gearboxes for work ships, gearboxes for high-speed ships, gearboxes for adjustable pitch ships, gearboxes for engineering ships, etc.

    This gear box is the semi-finished body of a marine gear box that our factory produce for a customer. The customer regularly order the gear box from our factory.

    Our factory is a large-scale state-owned enterprise. We are very good at manufacture large size steel castings, if you have requirement of the similar steel castings, pls send us your detailed dimensioned drawings, better in CAD format, then we will quote you our firm offer and delivery time.

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