How to promote fully premixed low nitrogen condensing gas-fired boilers

In order to truly boost the condensing furnace market, independent innovation and accurate market layout of enterprises are naturally necessary conditions, but it should be noted that a flower alone is not a spring, and each enterprise must also integrate vertically and horizontally to achieve a win-win situation. This conference also provided ideas from the technical and market levels -

1)technical aspects

Enterprises need to innovate technology themselves, but not behind closed doors. They must also collaborate in technological innovation and be good at sharing, so as to gradually improve the domestic full premixed condensing furnace industry chain, improve the overall level of domestic full premixed condensing technology, align with international technology, and pass the market. The rule of thumb for condensing technology is the survival of the fittest. The condensing cast silicon-aluminum heat exchanger independently developed by Lanyan Hi-Tech is the furnace body used in the fully premixed low nitrogen condensing boiler. Since its research and development in 2015, two major transformations have been completed, and it has been affirmed by everyone in the industry. The cast silicon-aluminum heat exchanger adds a beautiful scenery and contributes its own strength to the condensing boiler.

2)market aspects

It is necessary to pay attention to the potential of the southern heating market and fully meet the diversified needs of the southern middle and high-end markets for products. In order to improve energy utilization efficiency, the multi-energy system market application of products such as condensing furnaces and heat pumps can be implemented in some regions; in addition, it is necessary to pay attention to publicity. , guide, identify the focus of publicity, the general impression of users on the condensing furnace is “expensive”, the publicity should also guide users to understand, pay attention to the comfort and energy saving of the condensing furnace; also establish a sound market distribution System and support system to guide dealer layout. The gas-fired air source heat pump independently designed and developed by Lanyan Hi-Tech has been operated in many places in Hebei this year. The gas engine is used to drive the compressor to meet the daily needs of cooling, heating and domestic hot water, which can realize the integration of cooling and heating, and also Domestic hot water can be provided “free”. The rise of gas-fired air source heat pumps has reduced the pressure of power capacity expansion and promoted the balance adjustment of electricity and gas. For enterprises, it is also necessary to formulate relevant standards. To make products internally, it is also necessary to provide services externally, improve the service capabilities of after-sales personnel, and formulate standard specifications including wall-hung boiler installation, after-sales and other processes to ensure worry-free after-sales. Strengthen system energy conservation, promote systematic solutions, formulate system installation instruction manuals, standardize system installation technical regulations, and provide consumers with systematic heating products and services.


After years of exploration of condensation technology, many domestic enterprises have mastered the relevant technology, and user awareness has been significantly improved. At the same time, relevant industry standards are gradually improving. Therefore, under the promotion of the “dual carbon” policy and market environment , the promotion of condensing furnace can be described as the general trend and follow the trend. For users, energy-saving and environmentally friendly condensing furnace products will enter more households; for the industry, it will definitely reshuffle and reshape the market structure. In this regard, enterprises in the industry should also seriously deal with it, knowing that technology is the core competitiveness, and they must continue to innovate and act accordingly, so as to seize the initiative in the upcoming market changes.

Post time: Jun-08-2022