Perfect reinforced concrete pipe mould pallets

In the second half of 2015, a customer of our company specializing in the production of concrete drainage pipes sent us some drawings. The product in the drawing was an mountings. This mountings can be made of cast steel or cast iron. However, iron castings are easy to break. According to the customer's use environment, we recommend  our customer to use steel castings. Because steel castings is very strong, it is not easy to break. And we tell customer that we will use wear-resistant steel casting material to produce this product. Our customer was very happy to have accepted our suggestion, because they were using the cast iron parts, which were easy to break and not easy to repair. Subsequently, we determined the production process according to the drawings: casting - annealing - rough machining - welding- finish machining, and gave our quotation based on this process.

After customer compared the price and production technology with others, customer decided to place the order to us.

In order to guarantee the product quality, we also proposed that we will make a sample for inspecting before mass production. The customer readily agreed.

Afterwards, we started the production of the samples in accordance with the previously determined production process. One month later, the sample was completed. We checked the sample in accordance with the technical requirements, and the sample was fully qualified. The dimensional tolerance is within the allowable range, and the surface finish of the working surface is basically below Ra3.2.

After confirming that the product quality is qualified, we sent an invitation letter to our customer. With the invitation letter, the customer quickly completed the visa application and came to China at the beginning of January 2016.

We picked up the customer to the factory, took a break, and took the customer to the workshop. The customer inspected the samples very seriously, we were waiting anxiously for the conclusion and finally got a reply: perfect! Perfect!

The order included 4300pcs of reinforced concrete pipe mould pallets, total weight is about 360tons

Thanks our customer for their trust and support!

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Post time: Jul-19-2021