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One day in the first half of 2020, we suddenly received an email from a customer asking us to quote the bottom pallet again and  to tell the customer how many pallets can be loaded into a 20-ft container. Thanks to our previous experience, we quickly calculated the latest quotation and informed the customer of the capacity of a 20-foot container. After that, we waited a long time.

About 2 months later, the customer finally sent an email. There was 4 orders in the email, and each order has detailed items, specifications, quantities, and destination factories. It turns out that the customer subdivide the order according to the needs of their different factories. What an attentive customer! Based on this, we issued 4 proforma invoices and sent the PI to the customer.

After that, there was a long wait again. While we all thought that these orders were almost hopeless, one day our bank called us and said that a remittance had come from abroad and told us the amount. After checking, we found that it was the advance payment sent by the customer. We sent another email to the customer for verification, and the customer said that they were sure to make the advance payment. That is a bliss from heaven, thanks so much for your support again!

Because we have been preserving the previous molds, and with the s previous experience, we quickly arranged production. In this order, there are no molds for 3 items. Because these 3 items were not purchased in the previous order, so we opened the molds in time and placed them in the production plan in time.

Because of the global COVID2019 epidemic situation, customer could not come to China for inspection. Therefore, after the first batch of finished bottom pallets were produced, we conducted a very serious inspection by ourselves. The products produced this time, whether the casting process or a welding process, are much better than the previous product, especially the surface roughness of the working surface is far better than previous products, the roughness of some pallets has reached to Ra1.6 or even better, as bright as mirror. Because this time, we used a higher precision CNC lathe to process these bottom pallets, and the workers are also senior technicians with rich experience.

We have also made improvements to the packaging so that the packaging is much stronger and it ensure the safety of the bottom tray during transportation.

The total number of this orders is totally 2940 pieces, with a total weight of about 260 tons. Up to now, we have completed more than half of the orders. We believe that we will complete all orders soon and deliver all the goods to customers.

Thanks again to our customers for their trust and support, we will continue to innovate our production technology, further improve the quality of our products, and efficiently produce and deliver high-quality products to each of our existing and future customers.

We have been here looking forward to cooperating with you for a win-win situation!

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Post time: Jul-19-2021