Sample order of concrete pipe mould pallets(bottom ring)

In the current extremely difficult environment where the epidemic control policy has been increased layer by layer, we have overcome the difficulties and finally completed the production and processing of 50 sample orders of cement pipe mold/bottom pallets(bottom ring). And on November 25th, we overcame the inevitable resistance of the epidemic control layer upon layer, although we increased the expenditure that we never thought of. But finally delivered the goods to the designated storage yard.

Due to the control of the epidemic, delivery trucks are not allowed to leave the expressway, and they must be picked up by someone from the port storage yard with the company’s business license. After paying  CNY350 to the company that is running the port yard, the yard sent someone to pick up the truck, but the truck was affixed with a seal. With this seal, the truck could not enter the yard due to the epidemic prevention policy of the port yard. I had to hire forklifts and another trucks from the port again, and reload the goods from the previous trucks to the trucks from the port, and then delivered the goods to the designated storage yard. And we paid an additional CNY500 for this.

Under the control policy of the epidemic, how difficult is it for China’s small and medium-sized enterprises, and how difficult are the lives of ordinary people at the bottom of China, who knows? But for the sake of our customers, we had overcome many difficulties, and finally successfully completed the customer’s sample order. This is our victory and our responsibility to customers. This customer is a new customer of our company. I hope that the customer will be satisfied with our products and give us more and bigger orders next year.

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Post time: Nov-25-2022