Visiting Customer and Their Factory

In May 2017, the Hebei Provincial Council for the Promotion of International Trade organized a building materials exhibition, which happened to be in the city where the customer is located. We signed up and we can take this opportunity to visit the customer. We arrived at the customer's city a few days earlier than the start time of the exhibition. Before that, we informed our customers of our itinerary in advance.

The customer arrived at the airport earlier and waited for our arrival. After meeting, everyone was extremely happy. When I got into the car, I habitually walked to the right, without noticing that the steering wheel of their country’s car was on the right. Hahaha, an interesting episode. After getting in the car, the customer jokingly said: "Fasten your seat belt, or I will kill you", and gestured with a pistol with his hands. Haha, customers like to joke a lot. The customer booked a hotel for us in advance, ate and lived with us. All the boarding and lodging expenses were paid by the customer. Rare enthusiastic good customer.

On the second day, the customer drove us to his factory. Their factory is too advanced, all of which are automated equipment. Automatic batching machine, feeding machine, roll welding machine made in Germany, automatic pipe making machine made in the United States. Their production efficiency is extremely high, producing a tube just take about every 3 minutes. In a control room, one person can control the equipment of the entire factory.

In the workshop, we saw the bottom pallet we produced, and the customer was using the bottom pallet we produced to produce tubes. The customer spoke highly of our bottom pallet and put forward some requirements. We also had a face-to-face detailed discussion about this product and made some improvements to the production process.

In the afternoon, the customer took us to visit another factory of their group. In the second factory, we also saw our bottom pallets and listened to their opinions and suggestions. We talked very happily.

We bid farewell to the customer's second factory. On the third day, we flew to another city where there is the customer's third factory.

Because this day is a weekend, the factory is closed. But the factory arranged a receptionist to meet us at the airport, and soon sent us to the hotel we had booked in China in advance. Thank you for the careful and thoughtful arrangement of the factory.

On the 4th day, the person in charge of the factory came to the hotel to picked us up and arrived at the customer’s third factory in a short while.

This is a newly-built factory. The general manager of the factory told us that this new factory was built in only one month. The speed of such construction really surprised me. It is extremely efficient!

In the third factory, we not only saw the bottom pallet we made, but also saw the pipe load tester we previously provided to the customer and we maintained it.

In the third factory, we were very fortunate to meet the general manager of the group and had a pleasant conversation with the group general manager. The group general manager gave us credit for our bottom pallets and told us that they need a large amount of bottom pallets, hoping that we can manufacture the remaining bottom pallets as soon as possible and deliver to them in time. We promise that we will do our best to finish the remaining orders.

Visiting factories and customer is a very pleasant and unforgettable experience. The trust from our customers is our motivation, and the requirements from our customers  is heartening us. We are grateful for the support of customers.

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Post time: Jul-19-2021